domingo, 3 de julho de 2016

Take Me To The Sky......

Before I met the love of my life, I did not understand the simple things in a relationship. Today it is as if it were something of fate knows? I had never noticed how the simplest thing like walking hand in hand with someone is something so cute and perfect know ....?!?! I will not lie did not care for it not to me was double silly "cliché".
Then I met her (C), and she showed me a love I had never known before, something that only increases within you, and the first thing I wanted to do was go hand in hand with it, however where we were the first time It could not be for a small town and this was frustrating. Ai over time begin to swing your fingers together ... (you're thinking "that our idiocy") but when you can not or is on the side of the person swinging her finger is something from another world. Then we started can go hand in hand even dance at the mall (my kkkkk follies). I can say that today we are in the perfect spot of the relationship when we are together we slept glued but the best part is that always hand in hand know why? Because I feel safe with this simple gesture, I feel that where I need to go just need to hold her hand I will without fear because it is my port trust her eyes closed.So let's say that when our hands in glove together becomes a thing, is just one more way to explain how this person is important to me and if you ask me what you want now I would speak "from the hands it "because no matter place, people, city, way, nothing .... I just need it to my side 
Love accepts the little finger for me forever? (L)

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